Cysto Instruments:

  • 10-0096-08 Storz-like 2.9/5.0mm oval continuous flow sheath
  • 10-0096-09 Storz-like 4.0/7.0mm oval continuos flow sheath
  • 10-0112-00 Storz-like Cystoscope Sheath 21CH, Incl Obturator
  • 10-0122-00 Storz-like Endoscope Bridge with 2 Instrument Channels
  • 10-0200-00 Storz-like Working Element for Resectoscope (Storz), passive, closed
  • 10-0240-00 Storz-like Continuous Flow Sheath – Complete Set, 26 CH


  • 208-105 5.5mm x 10cm Plastic Trocar Body
  • 208-111 Trocar Body with Stopcock, 10/11mm
  • 224-021 5.5mm x 10cm Trocar Sleeve with Stopcock
  • 224-051 11mm x 10cm Trocar Sleeve with Stopcock
  • 225-051 11mm x 10cm Trocar Sleeve with Opening Lever
  • 250-421 Plastic tube, threaded for trocar body, 5.5mm 10cm
  • 250-452 Plastic tube, threaded for trocar body, 11mm, 14cm
  • 260-021B Obturator 5.5mm x 10cm Conical Point
  • 260-051B Obturator 11mm x 10cm Conical Point
  • 262-477 Ribbed Cone Hasson 11mm
  • 265-022L Safety Trocar w/ oblique tip, 5.5mm x 14cm
  • 265-052L Safety Trocar w/ oblique tip, 11mm x 14cm
  • Wolf 88.005 Red Sealing Cap
  • Wolf 89.02 Blue Sealing Cap
  • Wolf 8921.014 5.5mm RIWO-ART Trocar Sleeve Kit w/ Stopcock, 6.01 cleaning brush, (2) 15176.058 Blue sealing cap, 886 Luer Lock
  • Wolf 8921.134 Trocar, Shielded, Linear, 5.5mm x 100mm WL
  • Wolf 8923.135 Trocar, Shielded, Locking Insert w/ Spring
  • Yelloport YA05vSS02 Sterile Valve 2 per pk
  • Yelloport YA10SH Regular Fascia Adaptor 10mm
  • Yelloport YA510STSA Sterile SwingTop 5/10mm
  • Yelloport YC0509502 Cannula + Stopcock 5mm x 95mm
  • Yelloport YC1010522 Cannula + Stopcock 10mm x 105mm
  • Yelloport YT0509503 Pencil Point Obturator 5mm x 95mm
  • Yelloport YT1010504 Blunt Obturator 10mm x 105mm
  • Conmed CD112B 10/12mm Sealing Cap for Core Entrée Plus Cannula & Reducer Sleeves

General Instruments:

Capital Medical Resources carries a full line of NEW German-made general instruments.  Contact us for additional information, pricing, and our catalog!
  • 295-120 Veress Insufflation Needle 120mm x 2.0
  • 367-001 Hasson S-Retractor 10mm Wide Set/2
  • 367-002 Hasson S-Retractors 13mm Wide, Set/2
  • B100-30 Knife Handle, No 3
  • H110-13 Halsey Needle Holder, 5″, Serrated
  • H120-13 Webster Needle Holder, Serrated Jaws, 5″ / 13cm
  • H122-3274 Halsey Needle Holder 5″ Smooth Jaws
  • H122-3527 Mayo Hegar Needle Holder 6″ Serrated
  • H135-3342 Foerster Sponge Forceps 16″, Straight
  • H148-9372 S-Retractor, 10mm, Set of 2
  • VMueller 57-1379 Sims Retractor 1 x 3 x 1-1/4 x 3-1/4
  • 2096M1 Occluding Clamp 10.9cm/4.3″, smooth jaws
  • 2096M2 Blue Reusable Surgical Drape Clamps, ribbed jaws, 4 1/4″

Laparoscopic Instruments:

  • 430-545SP Winer Grasper, 5mm, 33cm, Grasping Forcep with Ratchet
  • 72-52070443M L-Hook Electrode for Stryker Suction / Irrigation Handles, 5mm x 32mm
  • Aesculap PO958R 5mm Universal Monopolar Handle without Ratchet
  • Bissinger 85500100 Bipolar Cable 3.0mm x 2 banana plugs lot # 945906
  • Bissinger 85510000 Kleppinger. Includes 85510001 Ring Handle Lot # 948810,
  • 85500002 Inner tube 34cm Lot # 3860, 85500003 Outer tube 34cm Lot # 3802,
  • 85500013 Electrode w/ serrated Jaw, 34cm Lot 948072,
  • Bruder ARO50560 TC Endo Needle Holder 5mm, 33cm, Straight Tip (8mm)
  • Bruder ARO51560 TC Endo Needle Holder 5mm, 45cm, Straight Tip (8mm)
  • Bruder ARO51564 5mm, 45cm Self-Righting Needle Holder, Needle Tip,
  • Conmed CD220 10mm Cannula Obturator Red for Cholangiogra
  • Jarit 625-147 Babcock Forceps, Roto-Lok, with Ratchet, Double Action, Insulated, 5mm, 390mm
  • Pilling 841300 Kaiser Pilling Spatula 14″ Slight Curve
  • Pilling 841301 Thoracoscopy Spatula Acute Curve 14″
  • Pilling 841400 Thoracoscopy Hook Blunt
  • Storz 26176HO Take-Apart Bipolar Coag Forceps Insert w/ 3mm Cross Serrated Jaws, 5mm x 33cm Lot # TY
  • Storz 26196HM Bipolar Ring Handle for 26176 + 26177 Lot #HG
  • Storz 26276A Outer Sheath for Dual Sheath Bipolar Forceps 5mm x 33cm Lot # LM
  • Storz 30107C3 13mm Ribbed sliding Cone / Hasson
  • Storz 30623GB 10mm Retractor for Gastric Banding
    Storz 26173CQ Szabo-Berci Needle Holder, Parrot Jaw, Straight Handle w/ Ratchet 33cm
  • V Mueller VM46-6502 Bowel Grasper, 5mm, without ratchet, Rotating, 35cm w/ flush, insulated, double action, fenestrated, 22mm Jaw
  • Weck 338110 Horizon Medium-Large Endoscopic Clip Applier
  • Wolf 8383.2103 Bipolar Kleppinger Forcep with 8393.714 Jaw
  • 5/1A Gray Sealing Cap, Silicon, Drill Hole 1.0mm diameter (comparable to Storz)


  • Arthrotek Arthro Rivet Set
  • Danmed LMJ-133-035 I001 5mm, 350mm WAVE grasping forceps, single action, rotating, slide lock handle, detachable SN#920995
  • Danmed LMJ-134-335 I002 5mm, 350mm atraumatic grasping forceps, 2 x 3 teeth, single action, rotating, slide lock handle, detachable SN#920460
  • Danmed LMR-055-033 I003 5mm, 330mm insulated outer tube SN#00918971
  • Danmed LMZ-133-033 I004 Grasping Forcep WAVE insert only, single action
  • Linvatec 84232 I007 Pressure Sensing Sheath, Single Stopcock
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