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EndoBench Certified Scope Inspections

Capital Medical Resources offers vendor-neutral rigid scope inspections. Periodic, in-depth assessments are a valuable tool to ensure optimal visualization, improve patient safety, and solve quality issues related to your rigid endoscopy equipment.  If you are looking for ways to improve scope quality while meeting growing regulatory and hospital equipment maintenance requirements, we can help!

  • Onsite Inspections
    • Convenient inspections at your facility limit down-time and shipping expense (we also offer send-in inspections)
  • Inventory Assessment
    • Record and document inventory including Make, Model and Serial Number
  • Inspect & Clean
    • Visual Inspection and Exterior Cleaning and Lens Polish
  • EndoBench Test
    • Quantifiable Measurement of scope characteristics important to end-users such as Light Output, Image Sharpness (MTF), Field of View, Uniformity and Distortion
  • EndoLume Test
    • Measures Light Output on Rigid Scopes, Light Cables and Light Sources
  • Detailed Reporting
    • Detailed, unbiased reporting of findings, inventory inspected and suggestions for process improvements are provided.