The EndoScan is an easy-to-use, hand-held device for inspecting the internal optics of all brands and types of rigid scopes.  Great for routine inspection, validating repair quality, and to find internal optical defects such as chipped or broken rod lenses, fluid invasion, lens separation and more!

The EndoLume light meter is designed for measuring light output on rigid and flexible scopes, fiber optic light cables and endoscopic light sources.  Measure light loss over time or troubleshoot all equipment in the system to determine the cause of poor light quality.

Quantitatively measure characteristics of rigid scopes that are important to the end-user such as image sharpness (MTF), field of view, direction of view and more!  Perfect for preventive maintenance and for on-the-spot inspections of faulty equipment. 

Insulation Tester
Inspect high-frequency laparoscopic instrumentation for defects in insulation that can cause patient burns and cross-contamination risks.  Portable and Rechargeable.  Designed for use in Sterile processing and by field service personnel.


DSC_0011MicroFlex Brochure
The MicroFlex inspection scope enables visual examination of lumens and channels on Flexible Endoscopes, Shaver Handpieces and other lumens as small as 1mm in diameter.  

2016 Capital Medical Resources Scope Testing Equipment Catalog Cover

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